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Preschool Worksheets | Vocabulary Booster

Expand your kids vocabulary with the help of this ‘vocabulary booster’ worksheet for preschoolers. Introduce your kids to the world of vocabularies and help them become a great speaker and conversationalist in the future. File Info:Type: PDF | PNGSize: 2…

Preschool Worksheets | Initial Sounds

Write the initial sound of the words that name the pictures. This worksheet will help children to recognize initial sounds and letters in order to read and spell words from pictures. It will form the building blocks of reading and spelling. File…

Preschool Worksheets | All About Myself

In this worksheet, your children will be able to have fun learning, and discover more about their selves in the process. All about myself worksheet will teach young kids the fundamentals of learning, such as coloring, recognition of things and…

Preschool Worksheets | Tracing Alphabet

Jumpstart your children’s journey to learning how to write with the help of this tracing alphabet worksheet for preschoolers. Practice writing just by tracing the lines that forms uppercase and lowercase letters. File Info:Type: PDFSize: 2 MBPages: 57 Screenshots:

Preschool Worksheets | CVC Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to teach our kids. With the help of these ready-to-print CVC flashcards, your kids will be able to learn simple consonant-vowel-consonant words with ease. File Info:Type: PDFSize: 908 KBPages: 32 Screenshots: