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Education PH  is the world’s first smart platform for teachers & homeschool parents. We provide a complete educational package integrating online group classes, tutorial services & premium learning materials for learners.  

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Who should join Education PH?

Parents who want to invest on their child’s future

Education PH provides resources that can help further develop the competencies of your children in a very personal way focusing on what’s best for you child.

Teachers who are in need of teaching and learning materials

Education PH is a platform with preloaded teaching materials for your classes. Collaborate and share files to your co-teachers and fellow members.

Anyone who wants to succeed in life – yes, YOU!

Young professionals can access special courses in business, marketing, culinary, fashion & design as well as CPD accredited courses which you can take online.

Dedicated specialist & general tutors

If you avail of the Total EduPH package, the student will be provided with either a specialized or general tutor who will help the student to learn and enhance specific compentencies such as reading, writing, speech, vocabulary among others. We also offer basic or advanced STEM package (science, technology, engineering & mathematics). Talk to one of our tutors for a free assessment session today.

Premium learning materials

Education PH publishes its own learning materials specifically designed for learners who want to advance in  academics. We also understand that there are students needing remedial classes to keep up with the pace inside the classroom. Our workbooks are designed to complement the learning pace of the student. Our philosophy in education is founded on the unique individuality of the learner as a person towards  lifelong learning and success.

Why worldclass teachers and homeschool parents love us?

Because we focus on the learner as a person. The individuality and uniqueness of a person is his foundation to success. We just provide the proper motivation and effective tools for the learner to grow in wisdom by way of discipline and the love to explore and discover new things.

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A good place to start. Budget friendly.
₱ 499
1 year access

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Premium Storage
  • Printing Discounts *soon
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Community Support

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Just ₱41.58 monthly or $10/year (US)


Best for teachers/homeschool parents
₱ 999
1 year access

  • Everything in Pro
  • Graphics Library Access
  • Marketplace Access *soon
  • Exclusive videos *soon
  • Email and Chat Support

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Just ₱83.25 monthly
or $20/year (US)


All access (limited offer)
₱ 1999
Lifetime access

  • Everything in Master
  • One-time fee
  • Priority Access
  • Exclusive Contents
  • Priority Support

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Just a onetime pay of ₱1999 or $40 (US)

NOTE: One year access includes one year of updates. Lifetime access gets you a lifetime access of all our contents. All learning materials are in digital formats.
Special promo ends December 30, 2020.

Tutorial Services

EduPH Total Package
(General tutor)

₱ 3999

  • Everything in Master
  • General tutor
  • 12 one-on-one online classes
  • 2 Assessments
  • Priority Support

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With special discount on next purchase

EduPH Total Package (Specialist tutor)

₱ 4999

  • Everything in Master
  • Specialist tutor
  • 12 one-on-one online classes
  • 2 Assessments
  • Priority Support

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With special discount on next purchase

NOTE:  EduPH Total Package includes free Master membership plan. Contact support for your next purchase discount. Ask us anything on chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered

What happens if I stop my subscription?

All files that you have downloaded from our website will still be yours, you will just stop receiving support and updates from us.

What is printing discounts?

This feature will be available by end of 2020. You can print our workbooks with a discount. The EduPH workbooks are provided as softcopies. Hence printing is another cost you have to bear. We are already looking for partners who can provide discounts for your printing needs.

What do you mean by priority support?

Priority support means you will get direct help from our support staff without getting to our queuing list.

How to download the materials?

Free learning materials can be downloaded directly from our links. Only premium materials need a subscription.

What do you mean by community support?

Community support means you will be invited to our exclusive Facebook group wherein you can freely interact with our other users for sharing information, experiences, learning strategies, resources and other good stuff. In short, it’s your classroom!

How can I get support?

Get a quick response from our Facebook chat or send your concerns to support[@]

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Education PH isn’t only about learning materials and tutors. We will have special deals and events exclusive for our members.

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